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Groam House Museum

Groam House Museum

Our lovely museum is an outstanding centre for Pictish and Celtic Art in Ross-shire. The unique display is focused on 15 carved Pictish stones which all originated in the village, an important centre of early Christianity. The sculptures are amongst the works of Pictish Art that inspired George Bain, the ‘father of modern Celtic design’, most of whose surviving artwork is in the care of the museum. The pride of the collection is the magnificent Rosemarkie cross-slab, decorated with enigmatic Pictish symbols and Christian crosses.

Distance From Abbey Cottage 37.3 miles / 60.0 KM

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Fort George the last remaining star fort

Fort George

Fort George is quite simply the finest example of 18th-century military engineering you’ll find anywhere in the British Isles. This vast garrison fortress was begun in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden (1746), which crushed the final Jacobite Rising. It took over 20 years to complete and in the event it was never attacked. It remains virtually unaltered today, and still serves as an important military base

Distance From Groam House Museum 1.7 miles / 2.7 KM

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Highland Aviation Museum Hun

Highland Aviation Museum

We have a number of aircraft, aircraft cockpits, engines and other exhibits, as well as a fire engine. Many of the cockpits are open and visitors can climb inside, a rare experience not to be missed.

Squeeze into the Lightning and get a feel for what it was like to be a pilot in the Mach2 + single-seat interceptor. Walk into the Herald and experience being a passenger or one of the crew. The Valiant section will take you back to the Cold War era, with its mass of black boxes and huge flying controls.

Then there's our most recent addition the Nimrod MR2, which is open for guided tours at no extra charge. The section is complete from the forward over-wing escape hatches to the front cockpit, so step inside to experience the atmosphere of arguably the world's best multi-role surveillance and attack aircraft.

Distance From Groam House Museum 3.9 miles / 6.3 KM

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Hugh Millers Birthplace Cottage and Museum

Hugh Millers Birthplace Cottage and Museum

Hugh Miller’s Birthplace Cottage & Museum in Cromarty celebrates prominent 19th-century Highland polymath, Hugh Miller – an eminent geologist, writer and social commentator. Today the Georgian villa, Miller House, is a museum which presents his life and work, while the iconic thatched fisherman’s cottage beside it was his birthplace and early home.

A peaceful garden and picturesque courtyard completes the visitor experience, which will appeal to those with keen eyes and lively minds. In the words of the great man himself, ‘Life is itself a school and nature always a fresh study’. We hope you enjoy discovering Hugh and his world

Distance From Groam House Museum 6.9 miles / 11.2 KM

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