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Forts And Battles near Fort Augustus

Model of the Fort at Fort Augustus

Model of the Fort at Fort Augustus

This model is not currently available for viewing.
Made by one of the Brothers of the community. Original drawings from the War Office were lent by the authorities for the construction of this model.

Use the web site link button for a better view.

Distance From Abbey Cottage 266 Yards / 243 Metres

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Culloden Battle Field Re-enactment

Culloden Battle Field

The exciting new Culloden Battlefield visitor centre and exhibition opened in December 2007. Through recent archaeological and historical research the National Trust for Scotland discovered that the previous centre was sited on the third Government line of the battlefield. With the Trust,s resolve to return the battlefield to as close as we know it on 16 April 1746, the centre was moved. The previous facilities had struggled to cope with visitor numbers at peak times and its site will be returned to being part of the battlefield. The new centre and exhibition allows the whole Culloden story to be told in an innovative and interactive way which appeals to all the family.

Distance From Abbey Cottage 31.7 miles / 51.1 KM

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Fort George the last remaining star fort

Fort George

Fort George is quite simply the finest example of 18th-century military engineering you’ll find anywhere in the British Isles. This vast garrison fortress was begun in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden (1746), which crushed the final Jacobite Rising. It took over 20 years to complete and in the event it was never attacked. It remains virtually unaltered today, and still serves as an important military base

Distance From Abbey Cottage 37.8 miles / 60.9 KM

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